Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Kitty Cat Story Time - Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone

So lately I've been reading to my cats. I use to do this when I was younger with Wilhelm, and had been missing him more lately. The funny part about all of this, the four cats seem to get along the best when I am reading to them. So in honor of my beloved Wilhelm, here are some of my favorite quotes from the book (and some pictures of the kitties listening to me read).

1.“You haven't got a letter on yours," George observed. "I suppose she thinks you don't forget your name. But we're not stupid-we know we're called Gred and Forge.”
I love this because it just shows how ridiculous those two are.

2. “What happened down in the dungeons between you and Professor Quirrell is a complete secret, so, naturally the whole school knows.”
This is so true, gossip is wildfire.

3. “So light a fire!" Harry choked. "Yes...of course...but there's no wood!" ... "HAVE YOU GONE MAD!" Ron bellowed.

Ron, the one with street smarts. Hermoine? Definitely book.

4. “You're a wizard, Harry.”
If only it was "You're a witch, Pepper."

5. “The trouble is, humans do have a knack of choosing precisely those things that are worst for them.”
Oh how true this is, and how little I knew it when I first read this when I was eight.

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