My name is Pepper. This is me and my fiance, Nick. I was born Jan. 1991 and he was born Jan. 1990. In 2013 I graduated with a degree in Mathematical Statistics. My soon to be mother-in-law calls it 'sadistics', and it can be. I am a sorority women, love to read, become obsessed easily, and LOVE french fries. I don't have goals in live per se; life is an open book and you never know what is coming next. That's why it's so fun.


This is Wilhelm, often shortened to "Will". He was born June 2001 and pasted away September 27, 2014. He loved stealing things from people, be it pillows, crackers, hot wings, or pencils. He helped raise Atlas, and she was his best friend, never leaving his side.


This is Atlas Shrug, we call her "baby girl" or "fluff fluff". She was born April 2013, and is a hand full. Wilhelm was her best friend and when he passed away it killed her. She's doing better now, and even getting close to the new kitty, Flora. She loves going on walks and hiding.

His name is Casper Toothless the Lion-Heart. He has a lot of nicknames: "caspy", "the boy", "puppy", and finally "stinky" because when he farts, you know it. His best friend is his little sister Toph. He was born February 2014. He loves to play fetch and tug of war, but he also likes watching cat videos on YouTube.

Toph Eve is a small cat and very sassy. She doesn't do much, her favorite things are cuddling and sleeping. When she is awake, she loves playing with her older brother. Born April 2014, she's a year younger than Atlas. Her nicknames are "tophie bean" and "foo foo cuddly poops".

The newest member to the family is Flora Lee. She was born in August 2014. Even though she is younger than Toph, she is a lot bigger. She loves playing with purple toys, and anything that makes noise.