Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Fairy House - Take 1

Fairy houses are getting really popular lately. My local Renaissance Festival even has a competition, and if you enter you get two free tickets into the RenFest. Some can be simple, like the one I made (pictures below), and others can be very complicated. I didn't win anything for my entry, but it was fun for a first fairy house. Here are some tips I learned while doing this.

1. Once in a while specialty glue is the way to go
My bird bath is a small ceramic pot with the dish on top instead of on the bottom. I initially used hot glue to hold it together, but it doesn't work. You'll want to buy ceramic glue. It took me five tries before I ended going out and buying ceramic glue. It held the birds on pretty well though, so hot glue isn't the worst thing in the world. I also used it on all the wood pieces as well. The ceramic glue also worked better on the dragon tears (glass gems, whatever you want to call them).

2. No need to buy everything 
Don't waste your money when you make a fairy house. Many things can be found outside. I used a lot of twigs and bark pieces. Another way to save money is to look around your house: in the junk drawers, in the couch, or even your sewing drawer. Recycle when possible, I used old dragon tears that I had collected over the years. Fairies are all about nature, so instead of spending money, recycle and keep the fairy movement going.

3. All weather material
On my first attempt, my fairy house grass was model grass. This was not my best idea since it was going outside, and the rain washed the grass away. Next time, I'm going to use dried moss that is available at craft stores. Another idea I had was just painting the base green, but I haven't decided. Either way, it will be more water resistant.

4. Make a plan, if your brain works that way
There are two types of people when it comes to fairy houses, the planner and the starter. The planner is the personal who sketches their house first. I am a planner, I have to have an idea before I start, or it will just all fall apart; while others are starters. Starters collect all their materials, look at them for a few minutes, and BOOM! They have an idea and start building. It all depends on how your brain works. So don't stress if you can't come up with anything right away, just sit down and doodle. 

5. Simplistic to complex
There are a wide variety of fairy houses, some seem to take months to make, while others just a few hours. In the end it doesn't really matter which way you decide to go with your fairy house. Just enjoy building it.

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