Saturday, March 28, 2015

5 Reasons My Cat is a Dick

My cat Casper is very lovey and sweet, but lets be honest all cats are dicks. These are just a few reasons why Casper is a dick.

1. Cat Parkour
Casper is great at cat version of parkour, but he often hides behind a corner, waits for one of the other cats to come close, runs toward them, and side jumps off of the other cat. Usually it's Toph, the one that is half his size, and she sprawls after being hit.

2. Gamer Stopper
The Xbox 360 isn't hard to turn off, it's a simple touch and goodbye. The PS3 on the other hand is a bit harder, but Casper being a cat loves a challenge and hates Little Big Planet. Every time I play it; there he is on top of the PS3 and push, goodbye game.

3. Food Hog
We feed the cats twice a day, they each have their own bowl, and the bowls are never truly empty. However when I add food Casper has to try every bowl, pick his favorite, and then has to stand over the other three so no one else can eat.

4. Popcorn Stealer
Have you ever had a cat that steals popcorn? Well the problem isn't the stealing part, it's the part where he spills the entire bowl of popcorn all over the floor. He loves it, I don't.

5. Farts- CAT Farts
I get that cats fart, every animal does. Casper waits til you are in bed about to go to sleep. He then decides it's time to cuddle, I love that, but randomly he turns, puts his butt toward your face, and farts. Dear god, it is one of the worst smells in existence.

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